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NOK 15 000 (≈ EUR 1 500) + 25% vat
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What does our company formation service include?
Norway's smoothest all-in-one company startup service for non-Norwegian citizens.

Formation of a Norwegian Limited company
(known as "Aksjeselskap" or "AS")
Bank account with VISA card and internet banking
D-number applications for board members and CEO
(social security number for foreigners)
Registration as employer
Business address in Oslo central business district
(3 months included. Can be extended for a fee)
Registration for VAT
How quick your Norwegian Limited (AS) company can be ready depends on the current processing time at the Company Registry as well as the bank's capacity to onboard new clients. You should currently estimate between 8-12 weeks before the company is registered.

If you need the company faster, we offer pre registered shelf companies for immediate delivery. A shelf company is a newly registered and guaranteed unused Limited (AS) company. The company name, purpose, board of directors etc. are changed according to your preferences.

Acquire a shelf company and get your organization number in 1-2 business days.*

+ NOK 20 000
(NOK 15 000 + vat for assistance, share capital of NOK 30 000 and registry fees apply)
Nytt Foretak is subject to AML and following guidelines on who we can sell our shelf companies to. Once we receive your request one of our employees will carry out our KYC procedures before we confirm whether we can sell a shelf company.
When can I acquire the company?
It is possible to get a company in a day or two (as soon as payment is registered)! Before you can take over the company, you must pay the purchase price of NOK 20,000 in addition to a deposit of NOK 30.000 for the share capital.

Once we have received your payment you will receive the purchase agreement for signing. You can either sign the purchase agreements electronically with your BankID or sign it manually and return it along with copy of the buyer's ID. We will then give you a company certificate and send the requested changes to the Norwegian company registry. The company can be used immediately.
We charge NOK 20,000 for our shelf companies in addition to the cost of company formation of NOK 15,000. The buyer of the company will also need to transfer NOK 30,000 to cover the company's share capital. The share capital, less the registration fee (see below), will be refunded to the company's bank account when it is opened.

The company must pay a registration fee to Brønnøysund of NOK 5,570 and also a fee of NOK 2,838 for changing the company name. We will pay the registration fee from the share capital so that NOK 24,430 is refunded to the company's bank account. The name change fee will be invoiced after the name change is approved, and you can pay this from the company's bank account.
Norway's leading provider of AS companies. Our customers rate us at 4,7 out of 5 points at Trustpilot. Thousands of founders, international businesses and professional advisors have used our services. When selecting us you can expect a trouble free start in Norway.
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Nytt Foretak has helped entrepreneurs and business owners get companies up and running since 2014.
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We have assisted more than 5000 Norwegian and international founders with their start-up in Norway.
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How your company is created
Place your order
After you have placed your order, we collect the necessary information from you (preferred company name, business purpose, shareholder details etc.)

We will then produce all the required company formation documents.

Get the bank account
We then proceed to open a bank account in the name of the new company with one of the leading banks.

The bank account will be blocked until the company is registered in the Company Registry and is open to deposits only.

Deposit share capital
When the bank account is ready, you must deposit the share capital of minimum NOK 30,000 into the bank account.

The bank will then issue a written confirmation that the share capital is deposited.

Wait patiently!
The documents are assembled and dispatched to the Company Registry by regular mail.

Within a few weeks the company is registered and you receive the organization number and certificate of registration.

Requirements and other details

The details you should know before
we can get started.

Criterias you must fulfill
> NOK 30,000 (≈ EUR 3,000) available for deposit as share capital.

> Minimum one (1) board member. Must be minimum 18 years old and resident in Norway or the EU/EEA.

> If more than one board member - at least 50% of the board members must be resident in Norway or the EU/EEA.

> A physical business address in Norway (if needed, we will provide a CBD address for the first 3 months).
Fees and costs
So you know all the costs involved
> Our fee is NOK 15,000 (≈ EUR 1,500) + 25% vat. Must be prepaid before we can initiate the process.

> If you opt for a shelf company, this costs NOK 20,000 extra (0% vat on this).

> Registration fee to the Norwegian Company Registry: NOK 6,797 (≈ EUR 650). Will be invoiced after the registration is complete and can be paid from the share capital of NOK 30,000.

> No other costs are involved. There are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.
Things to prepare
What we need from you
> Company name, ownership structure, who will be the CEO and directors / board members? Also 1-2 sentences describing the company's business activities.

> Authorized passport copies for the company's board members. The copies must be authorized by a Nordic police station, embassy, Notary Public or a Norwegian lawyer, auditor or accountant.

> A letter of recommendation from the bank you currently use in your home country.

5 popular topics
Get answers for the 5 most common questions regarding company formation in Norway. Can't find the answer you were looking for? Send us an email at post@nyttforetak.no
Do I need to travel to Norway to establish a limited (AS) company in Norway?
No you do not need to visit Norway, but you do need authorized passport copies for the company's board members. The copies must be authorized by a Nordic police station, embassy, Notary Public or a Norwegian lawyer, auditor or accountant. You will also need a physical business address in Norway. If needed, we will provide a CBD address for the first 3 months.
How are the tax rates in Norway?
Corporate tax is generally imposed at the rate of 22 % of a company's profits. VAT is 25 % on most goods and services. Every stage in the value chain needs to pay VAT on their sales revenues subtracted the VAT they paid for their costs. Some exceptions are medical services, education while other products such as food and beverages are charged a VAT of 15 %.
Do I need a bank account in Norway?
Yes. The share capital of NOK 30,000 needs to be deposited to a Norwegian bank. In order to register your company in the Company Registry a Norwegian bank will need to confirm that the necessary share capital has been deposited.
When acquiring a shelf company, how long does it take?
Once we receive payment for the shelf company and all the necessary details for your Norwegian company, we will transfer the company to its new owners within a few hours! You will then receive the company's organization number, documentation confirming the acquisition of as well as the changes in the company. At this point you can start doing business in Norway.

When the purchase agreement is signed we will also prepare the forms and documents that need to be submitted to the Company Registry in Norway in order to make the company changes public. This includes the application for a Norwegian D-number. Assuming that you already have a Norwegian D-number the processing time is normally between 1-3 weeks. If you don't already have a Norwegian D-number the processing time is usually between 4-8 weeks.
Will the company need an auditor?
Your company will only need an auditor if the company complies with one of the following:
- more than NOK 6 million in sales revenue / year
- more than 10 man-years from (the first year this would imply more than ten full-time employees)
- more than NOK 23 million in the balance sheet (ie. the sum of equity + debt)
How to order your Limited (AS) company

We are carefully planning our capacity to ensure that all our customers receive the highest level of service possible. Once you have completed your order, we will initiate our KYC procedures and assess available capacity before confirming whether we can proceed with your order.

Therefore, we ask you to kindly report your interest so we can have a quick look at the specific case.

The next steps are as follows:

1. Fill out the contact form below
2. We will review your application within a few business hours
3. Shortly thereafter, we will be in touch via email
Do you represent an existing company?
What will be the purpose of the new company?
Are the board members EU/EEA residents?
More than 50 % of board members need to be EU or EEA residents
Do you need the company quickly? (Shelf company)
By acquiring a shelf company you will get your organization number right away and can save up to 6-8 weeks (+ NOK 20,000).
We currently experience an influx of new customers and reserve the right not to accept new orders in the event that we do not have the capacity to deliver in accordance with our quality standards.

Nytt Foretak is Norway's leading provider shelf companies and company formation services, and is authorized by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) as a provider of business services.
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